The Agency


Created in 1966, the “Atelier d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme de la Bretèque” – ATAUB – has enabled several generations of architects to work in an open, dynamic and demanding professional environment.

Gathered for the common purpose of producing an inventive and rigorous architecture, in phase with his time, his current leaders, Alexis Korganow, Luc Saint Martin, Patrick Le Moëme, Bernard Brejuin, Joseph Alwan and Jean-Marc Crevel continue and enriche a collective exercise of the trade initiated by the founders.

The staff and organization of ATAUB, together with its various departments and agencies, enable it to face the current challenges of availability, efficiency and technicality both in the monitoring of studies and in the monitoring of work sites.

The reliability and responsiveness of ATAUB are recognized at the regional, national and international levels. This broad opening of the agency allows it to cross points of view and experiences and thus to renew its architectural, urban and environmental approaches.






The associates


After a diploma of architect obtained in Paris Belleville in 1993, a doctorate in urban planning in Paris VIII and some research work, Alexis KORGANOW joined ATAUB in 2002. Seduced by the diversity of projects and territories and by the agency’s collective approach, he was involved body and soul in the adventure of succession. Managing partner since 2007, he has been particularly involved in the fields of school architecture and industrial and tertiary architecture.


A graduate of the Normandy Architecture School in 1985, managing partner of AREA and teacher at the EAN (1986-1991), Luc Saint Martin joined ATAUB in 2001 where he began to develop the agency’s urban activity. Today its activity has expanded considerably both from the point of view of programmes (services, hotels, sports facilities, housing) and from the point of view of territories (Africa). His multidisciplinary experience and pragmatism enable him to make the most of difficult contexts.


Graduated from the Normandy Architecture School in 1988, Patrick LE MOËME joined ATAUB in 2001 where he was able to pursue and develop his favourite subjects, the areas of health, justice, laboratories and housing. After 20 years of experience at ATAUB, he is able to put his skills at the service of public and private owners, with undeniable responsiveness, a deep sense of listening and a personal style that is recognized and appreciated.


Engineer in building physics, expert in climate and acoustics, Bernard BREJUIN joined ATAUB in 2009 to participate in the development of the agency. Building on ATAUB’s experience in Central Africa, it has also been successfully developing the agency’s activity in West Africa for public and private infrastructure projects for the past 5 years.


Franco-Lebanese with a diploma of Architect of the ALBA Beirut in 2003, and a diploma of Specialized Graduate Studies in Building Engineering of the ENSAM and the Ecole Polytechnique of Marseille. After a significant experience at Architecture Studio, Joseph ALWAN joined ATAUB in 2007. He has a wealth of experience in major projects in France and abroad, and brings the agency’s major development challenges to France and internationally, particularly in the banking and major equipment sectors.


After graduating from the Normandy School of Architecture in 1993, Jean-Marc CREVEL worked in Rouen and Havrais architectural firms before opening his company in 1996. Aspiring to pursue and deepen within a dynamic and open structure his rich experience acquired in the construction of public facilities and housing, he joined ATAUB in 2016 where he is more particularly concerned with the development of the antenna of Le Havre.



The study department of ATAUB consists of 25 architects located on three sites (Rouen, Le Havre and Lyon). Structured with passionate project leaders. It supervises the design of the sketch up to the execution studies for about twenty concurrent projects.
The study department develops 5 areas of competence:
Urban Planning
– Interior Architecture
– Digital Mock-up (REVIT) and BIM management
– 3D Imaging





Recognized by many contracting authorities, reliability and solidity in the construction phase is one of the strengths of the agency to which it is sometimes requested for independent tasks of execution monitoring or OPC.
The ATAUB is structured with a site department and dedicated work inspectors, which ensures a rigorous and constant follow-up. This department ensures the coordination and synthesis of the exchanges between all the interlocutors (different opinions, visas, reports, follow-up of documents, situations, etc.). The staff of this department makes it possible to deal with all situations requiring additional staff or expertise.



The administration department consists of four people. Its size and skills are adapted at the agency level, allowing it to provide informed support in terms of financial monitoring, HR monitoring and contract monitoring.



The Development and Communication Department involves 3 people. It coordinates the updating of communication documents, the follow-up of calls for tenders, the preparation of application files and the follow-up of dematerialization procedures.